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Jan. 14th, 2009

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Hey all;

Sorry for the Houdini act, but we had a long and rough fall, and felt that there just wasn't enough interest from positive readers - ok, pretty much no readers at all - so we sort of let this whole thing fall to the wayside.

We would like to start it up again, so if there are any actual readers out there who found anything on here to have any value, please let us know.  If there is enough interest, we'll get back to work here.  Anything we post from now on, will only be here on LJ because for some odd reason our link to WordPress and the account there has died.

We still have so much to talk about, but only if you want to read it, and maybe even share too!

Sep. 12th, 2008

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Broken Habits, and Bones

We have had a really interesting week.  It's been real, and fun, but not real fun.  Yes, ha ha, that was a really bad and old joke - get over it :)


Sep. 1st, 2008

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New Post!

New Post for Monday. Happy Labor Day everyone!


From now on, we will only post content on WordPress, and a link here on LJ.  We won't crosspost it anywhere else, but you can leave comments here or on WordPress.

The Girl and I will not delete any post, positive or negative, so long as it is not flat out rude.

Our site is obviously new, and we are still working out kinks and trying to find our groove and voice.  We hope that those of you who enjoy our posts will keep reading, and that those of you who don't like them will at least practice a little respect and free will to go elsewhere.  To everyone, regardless, we hope you all have amazing relationships in any way you want!

Aug. 31st, 2008

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I Don’t Fight Dirty With the Walking Wounded

The Boy and I fight. Not a whole lot, but enough for us anyway. Along the way, we discovered things that work for us that might work for others, too. Of course, every couple is different. I have a cousin who fights constantly with her husband. I mean name-calling, light slapping (she hits him), and refusing to talk to each other afterward. The kind of couple who insists on dragging you into their argument and there you are, left with a blank stare and a hope that they won’t keep asking you a question you don’t want to answer. And yet, they’re a complete and total unit, happy together.

We’ve actually talked about things we hate in our own arguments and have tried to learn to remember them when in the midst of a discussion. Here are a few of ours:

We are here.

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Clearing the Air

Ok, ok - I reread the introductory post I put out there.  It does come off as a bit obnoxious.  That wasn't my intent at all, but sometimes the message gets lost when you are too close to the subject.  I apologize to those who politely pointed out that it was a bit too... annoying.  To those who weren't polite, well, fnd something better to do than be rude to total strangers that have nothing to do with you.

Anyways, to find a way to let people see more accurately what we're trying to say, the Girl wrote a post on our journal.


So, we are still taking topic ideas, requests for advice, comments, and personal stories from other couples.  On Monday, we will post in regard to what comes in over the weekend.  If we don't get much response, we'll just pick some stuff to talk about and go from there.  We both hope that those of you who like this site, please let us know how to make it more appealing to you - and those who don't like this site, please go somewhere else and do it politely.  Thanks for reading!

Aug. 29th, 2008

cute kiss

I'd Like To Introduce... Us

I am the Boy, and sitting next to me is my sweet girl, the Girl.

We have started a journal that will revolve around the silly notion that has been presented to us by so many people - that we are the perfect couple. Now, obviously, there is no perfect couple, and we don't claim to be one. All our friends and relatives, though, seem to look at us and see something they want.

We don't entirely understand it, but we do recognize that our relationship is something extremely rare, and tremendously special. So, in the spirit of open communication and community, we have decided to put our life into the spotlight so that others can see how we really are together.

Our journal is a sounding board for people who want advice, a diary for our admittedly odd and quirky lives as a couple, a soapbox for our beliefs on what it takes to be happy with another person, and lastly a forum to discuss all aspects of living a life in this insane world with someone by your side.

Our main journal is at: http://thatcouple.wordpress.com/

You can comment on either site, and can always ask for advice, give any, suggest post topics, and anything else you'd like to say. A last option for communicating with the Boy and the Girl is to email us at that_couple@yahoo.com

We are so excited to start this, and will be posting quite often and regularly, so take a look and keep checking back for new content. Now, go kiss your sweetie!