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Because we're "that couple!'

and we like it that way

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We are that couple. Yep, the pair that's always holding hands, not too overly affectionate, but just enough to make you feel like you need to reach over and hold your own mate's hand. We're the pair that even look like a couple, and people in stores or restaurants always refer to her as his wife, or him as her husband - even though they aren't married yet.

That's us. We love each other in a strong and successful way that pulls comments from everyone around us, like: "I wish we had what you two have," or "How do yuo guys always seem so comfortable with each other?" We hear these things, inch a little closer ot each other, and just smile while we shrug and beam into one another's eyes.

After many instances of other couples and single friends making jealous and humorously bitter comments and questions about how we have the relationship we do, we figured it was time to answer them. So, we have constructed a blog on WordPress.com to journal about our relationship - how we met, the past three years together, keys to successful coupling, and calls for advice answered regularly.

Feel free to check out our site for yourself. We are as open as possible, and post anonymously, so we can let you into parts of our life that usually are kept hidden. We also strive to keep our readers and contributors anonymous, so feel free to ask anything you want to know about us, or for any advice you might need.